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What is CDPI?

The Centrist Democracy Political Institute (CDPI) is a politically oriented non-government organization that provides centrist democratic concepts and skills on good governance to Filipinos worldwide with human dignity as the core value.
The CDPI is an education, training and research center that functions exclusively for civic, education and social purposes.


A Philippines where all its citizens can live in dignity and have the opportunity to participate actively in the democratic process


To support Centrist Democratic Political Movements and Parties in the Philippines in designing and implementing their political programs on a functioning democracy, a socially and ecologically responsible market economy, a decentralized state structure and on peace and development in Mindanao and all regions of the country.


  • To provide a comprehensive orientation and leadership training to the members of Centrist Democratic Movements, Parties, and organizations.
  • To conduct and pursue programmatic documents, research studies, literature and other related documents relevant to Centrist Democratic Policies.
  • To provide a dialogue platform for Centrist Democrats engaged in social movements, academic institutions and other stakeholders in both the civil and political society in the Philippines.
  • To support Centrist Democratic efforts in the promotion of peace and development in Mindanao and other areas in the Philippines.
  • To create a strong partnership between Philippine Centrist Democrats and other International Centrist Democratic Organizations and institutions.