Your donation can help our efforts to strengthen democracy in the Philippines!

In your investment to our programs, we can:

  • Conduct more political/civic education activities to various areas in the Philippine archipelago;
  • Publish more books and literature on the importance of the promotion of Human Dignity to public policies; and the need for democratic participation; and
  • Provide more Centrist oriented leadership trainings for potential leaders in communities and sectors especially the Filipino youth.

As benefactors you will:

  • Receive updates from our activities and events through e-mail;
  • Have a copy of our CDPI Newsletter published every end of the year;
  • Be invited in our special events!

The Centrist Democracy Political Institute (CDPI) has been in five years, helping the Filipino people achieve the vision of real democracy. Hence, your support will enable us to continue and strengthen our mission for political technocracy in the Philippines. To name a few:

  • Advocate for the equal representation of all Filipinos
  • Ensure there is respect for human rights and protection of the rights and interests of disadvantaged groups and minorities by the government
  • Promote self-determination and freedom for each citizen
  • Encourage people to participate in all political decision making activities
  • And most especially, inculcate the knowledge that each person has equal value and deserve equal opportunities

The world’s economies and technology are changing. Let us not allow the Philippines be left behind!

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