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Commentary to French Model of Federalism

While President Digong Duterte gave a really great State of the Nation Address yesterday (making his predecessor look totally petty and incompetent), one little bit of his talk caught the attention of specialists, experts and other people deeply involved in the practice of Comparative Government...
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A COUPLE of days ago, I stumbled across a pile of books I bought while I was a student of political science in Germany. The questions those books dealt with (and also the thesis I had to write) could be summarized as: “What is good for development and prosperity in democracies?”

Growing up in Germany does not necessarily lead you to believe that everything we have is perfect just because we’re one of the richest countries in the world.
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Philippine politician Rodrigo Duterte, who has an unbeatable lead in unofficial tallies in the country’s presidential race, will push to rewrite the constitution and change to a federal system of government, his spokesman has said.
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(this article first appeared on The Manila Times

EVERYTHING’S wrong with Philippine politics – period!

This tongue and cheek reply to the first query above encapsulates the frustrations of many a writer on where to begin to dissect the multitude of problems reducing them into palatable morsels. The easier way to go about this is perhaps to focus on the current state of affairs which has obstinately captured the interests and occupied the minds of our people since about a year ago, or even beyond: the election of a Philippine president.
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