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May 9 is just around the corner. Have you finally made a choice? Is that now an irrevocable choice? Based on present circumstances, we are hurtling towards a presidential election that is like no other in recent past.
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Thursday, 03 March 2016 12:43

Anti-Political Dynasty Bill

Most of the candidates vying for positions in the coming elections are not new to us. In fact, we've known their parents, siblings or even children who held public office in various posts. The political, social, and economic impacts of political dynasties on the nation can't be ignored. As the bill against political dynasties languishes in Congress, CNN Philippines tells about the presidential candidates' views on that.
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Opinion surveys almost by definition capture only people’s whims at the moment, and often do not reflect well-considered views, except perhaps when such a survey is conducted a few weeks before the actual election.

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