Friday, 29 July 2016 18:34

Pursuing Federalism: Cebu and Pampanga

A Conference on Federal-Parliamentary system has been successfully held for the fourth and fifth time in the city of Cebu and San Fernando, Pampanga.

With its consistent banner, “Pursuing Federalism: A Shift from Unitary - Presidential to Federal - Parliamentary Government”, the two recently held FedCons were able to converge various individuals in the locality in its goal to provide feasible recommendations to President Duterte’s administration in his Federal advocacy.
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Concerned local leaders in their own right are gearing up to travel across the country to promote a federal system of government.

Federalism was one of the key advocacies of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte. Prior to the presidential campaign, he had gone on a grueling “listening tour” to educate the public on federalism.
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DAVAO CITY -- Business leaders from the Davao Region are planning a nationwide consensus-building exercise with other sectors on the incoming government’s agenda, particularly regarding proposals to move to a federal system.

Federalism is being promoted by President-elect Rodrigo R. Duterte, who went on a “listening tour” nationwide to bat for more regional autonomy.
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