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Dear family and friends outside of Davao,

It doesn't really matter who wins, we will still be prosperous. We will still be complaining about things like traffic while being driven in our European cars on our way to play 18 holes. We will still travel abroad at least once a year with family/friends and enjoy amazing meals in the best restaurants like La Cabrera in Makati.

We fit the profile that should support certain candidates and continuing the status quo will benefit us and our families. Like you, I am of the elite but I'm sometimes ASHAMED to be one. Only our lives improve. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - this is precisely why I am ASHAMED for thinking and believing that our socioeconomic class IS the Philippines.

We live in a bubble. We are not the silent majority. We are more like the noisy, self-righteous, fifteen percent with the so called moral compass to dictate what is good for the majority.

We all have to realize that the ruling families want to remain in power. It is as simple as that. We, the elite, are victims of propaganda fed to us since we were kids growing up in private schools and exposed to the niceties in life, dictated by the Alta sociedad and the western world.

We live in a new age of colonialism - the oligarchy ruling the Philippines instead of the Americans and Spaniards. The influence peddling of the church only comes in second to the oligarchy.

But Let's please think of the majority of the Filipinos. We need a real leader that will break the mold. Someone who has the political will, not beholden to any oligarch.

Duterte is really the right choice among the candidates although he's really hard to swallow. He has political will and always thinks and acts according to law. He doesn't just go around Davao and shoots people. He also leads a simple, honest life - a breath of fresh air compared to most politicians with lavish lifestyles.

Duterte does have a potty mouth and seem immoral. But there's more to him than meets the eye/ear.

As you may know, I'm as much a Davaoeño as I am a Manileño - growing up in Ateneo in grade school and finishing schooling in arch-rival La Salle. I moved back to Davao in 2009 so my experience of Duterte's leadership is firsthand. To be clear, he doesn't know me nor do we have ties to him and his family.

Duterte is a goon. A goon to criminals and to each person that trample on anyone's civil liberties. He initiated and enforces city ordinances that protects children, women, lumads and the lgbt community. This is unprecedented and widely recognized internationally.

Unfortunately, only "sexy" news are oftentimes highlighted such as the non-smoking ordinance, speed limit, his foul mouth, his womanizing past when he was in his forties separated from his wife, the rape comment and now the fabricated P200m Bpi account.

I don't condone his character flaws but I admire his track record, leadership qualities and tangible platform which enumerates the following as his top agenda aside from peace and order: Agriculture and education. He was even bold enough to propose free irrigation to farmers - this is a very important aspect that affects social justice and food security which deserves its own topic.

Duterte is also a brilliant lawyer who was a fiscal and has contributed to the economic prosperity in Davao when he became Mayor. A committed public servant who leads a simple life. Not once has he showed extravagance in his lifestyle. Not once have our rights been trampled in Davao.

I am now a father of two beautiful children and the most basic I want our government to achieve is security. And a leader who has a clear and tangible plan to improve life in the Philippines. Everything else follows after. He's also the only one pushing for Federalism. To me, that alone is a good enough reason to support him.

I would like to invite you to Davao to see why we know he can be good for the country. We follow the rule of law there like when we Pinoys are abroad - sad that for the rest of the country, we only follow laws, traffic rules, etc. when we are abroad.

A chartered city like Davao is run like a small country. Small but the fundamentals are the same. Davao may seem like a small city to most but it is actually bigger than Metro Manila. We really need a successful executive in the executive department so I hope you will consider Duterte.

We are the Elite... And I'm sick of being so self-absorbed. Let's please vote and support Duterte.

For the love of our country,



Carlo Calma Lorenzana
Businessman & Political Technocrat


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