Duterte on ties with Marcoses: Utang na loob? It’s not that Featured

It is not about repaying a debt of gratitude, President Rodrigo Duterte has said about his ties with the family of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.


Before public lawyers, Duterte on Monday explained anew his deep ties with the Marcoses, which began “since time immemorial.”


“Those are things that cannot really be gawaing issue because those are relationships that were cemented many years ago,” he said.


“But kung sabihin niyo that I bargained away the ends of justice to repay utang na loob, it’s not that. Marcos was supported by my father, he won. So Marcos got him into the Cabinet, it’s natural, that’s politics, even everywhere,” he added.


He reiterated that his late father, Vicente Duterte who was the former governor of the undivided Davao, was a Cabinet member during the first term of Marcos.


Duterte did not provide any reason why he brought up his family’s relationship with the Marcoses, but he recently revealed that Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos reached out to him to discuss about the possible return of the ill-gotten wealth.


The President also reiterated that Gov. Marcos was one of the three governors who supported him during the May 2016 elections. — DVM, GMA News
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