What Political Parties Must do All Year-Round, Off Election Season

What Political Parties Must do All Year-Round, Off Election Season

The reality in the local political landscape is that political parties are only active during election season. Off-season, they tend to “hibernate.”

Ideally though, political parties ought to have activities throughout the year. In-between campaign periods, representatives must conduct continuous dialogue with the people and the institutions that govern them.
Representatives need constant feedback from citizens so they may understand changing realities on the ground. What is lacking in the present political system of the Philippines is communication. Political parties are supposed to act as two-way conduit of communication.

Throughout each year, political parties should organize political projects and activities, advocacies and internal training sessions and its members must participate actively. Aside from recruitment and election, political parties should also train political officeholders. It is not enough that they are sworn into office, they must be trained as well. There must also be synchronization and refinement of the demands that are made on the political system which lets the system to respond more adequately to those demands. Political parties must socialize the sectors into the prevalent political culture – assist inculcating the fundamental values and norms.

They have to strictly exercise internal democratic procedures, be it the definition of their programs and activities, the selection of their leaders or the nomination of candidates for public offices.

They have to exercise party discipline, not allowing their leaders or elected representatives in public offices to contradict their policy decisions; except in rare cases of issues in which one has to follow his own conscience and would be compelled to go against such a decision.

It must have its own rules to for its members to abide by, and should be the training ground for the leaders of the country.

Only parties which are member-based have internal democratic structures and procedures and clear program orientation should be permitted to field in candidates for elections.
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