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Pursuing Federal-Parliamentary Philippines in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan Photo By: Genevev Vitualla

Pursuing Federal-Parliamentary Philippines in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan Featured

The Centrist Democracy Political Institute (CDPI) successfully held its sixth Federalism conference in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan last August 18 (Thursday) with about 135 participants from various institutions joining the discussion.

Hon. Alfredo Amor E. Abueg, Jr, Former Representative of the Second District of Palawan and Deputy Floor Leader of the 2005 Consultative Commission graced the event to welcome the participants. While Atty. Rita Linda Jimeno (ConCom member) discussed on reforming our political system and Mr. Lito Lorenzana (ConCom SecGen and CDPI President) on Federalism, the Federalization process and the features of a Parliamentary System.

In a town hall discussion, participants answered questions whether they agree to shift from Unitary to Federal under a Parliamentary government or in a Presidential form; and whether they prefer to amend the 1987 Constitution via Constituent Assemly (ConAss) or Constitutional Convention (ConCon).

Atty. Allan Carlos of Palawan International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Palawan Chapter and the 2005 ConCom delivered the synthesis and conclusion to the event.

The CDPI is in partnership with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), 2005 ConCom, Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines and local chambers around the Philippines to build consensus and crowdsourcing for a Philippine Federal-Parliamentary system – parallel to its objectives and in support with the Duterte Administration.

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